Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Bachelor Returns

Hi everybody! Just a quick note to let you all know that yes, I am still alive.  Lately I've been hitting the wedding circuit (not my own just yet), as you can see below, and haven't really been home for dinner.

By the way, that's a Shirley Temple in my hand. I think I had at least seven at one wedding last week and at least four at a wedding tonight.

The past two weeks have just been non-stop busy and I haven't had time to cook much that's been blog-worthy. Sure, I grilled some great hot dogs, but do you need me to tell you how to do that?

Fear not! I will soon have some great recipes for you! I just bought some cream and a bottle of vodka, which means soon you will be treated to my special vodka sauce! And I have some more corned beef and chicken, so that means lots of experimentation is coming soon.

Just be patient and next week, hopefully, the cooking will return.

In the meantime, I've heard from a few people who have been trying out my recipes, what have you tried and what have you liked?